Get more leads that can convert into customers with these 6 tools

Let’s talk about leads. What are they? How do visitors become leads? What drives them to become a customer?

If you have ever questioned how to expand your customer and potential customer list, then you’ve probably heard about leads and lead generation campaigns in marketing.
We get leads when people that are interested in what we’re selling share their contact information with your business (email, phone number, social media handle etc). 

This category of people have the highest affinity with your business, and so are most likely to become purchasers if you further nourish them through your CRM strategy. However, before you try to get leads, it is crucial to understand what factors can help catch visitors’ attention.

One of the marketing tools that generates leads is called a lead magnet. It offers something valuable to a website visitor (free resources, product trials, discounts, etc.) in exchange for their contact information.

Here are 5 tools that can help you generate leads.

1.  Bonus Packs and exclusive content
Offering content, be it in a written or audio-visual format, that is not published or shared elsewhere, is a perfect reward to encourage visitors to opt-in. People tend to want to be included and updated, in detail, on something they’re interested in. By creating a feeling of scarcity through a ‘limited offer’, you can strengthen this effect and garner more enthusiastic leads.

2. Early access/waiting list
If you want to launch to a limited number of people and receive their feedback before releasing to the masses, then this is your best option. Not only will you benefit from real audience response and attain some valuable leads, you will also get the chance to nourish your audience by being in closer touch with your business and implementing their feedback.

3. Discounts
Discounts create a sense of an additional nudge to shop your brand. Moreover, this lead magnet tool will give you some data on who is your most ‘warm’ audience – those most interested in your product. By offering a discount or a bonus in exchange for an email address, you’ll solve both of those challenges simultaneously.

4. Expert advice/free assessments
If you’re an agency or a service provider, this one is a great solution for you. From a customer’s point of view, getting a free assessment or advice from an expert for the “cost” of filling out a contact form seems like an attractive deal.

5. Checklists and templates
Think of how many times you have Googled a checklist, an excel file template for finances or graphic design templates. The odds are, you were asked to submit your contact details in order to get access to these files, and it works over and over again. It’s all about tapping into what the potential customer needs the most and answering that call with your free, low-maintenance product. 

To wrap it up, it doesn’t HAVE to be difficult obtaining more interested customers on your mailing list. If you already have a blog or a website, these lead magnets will work well for your marketing strategy and bring you more converting customers in no time.

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