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If you’re a company, brand, or personal profile trying to grow presence or visibility on social media, you’re definitely not alone. Everyone is trying to find the best solution to reach the right people. However, before you buckle under the various manipulation tactics that are trying to get you to spend money online, we want you to consider a few extremely important things, before you even think about using that first penny.

We’ve noticed a recent influx of people throwing money at online promotions in a way that doesn’t make long-term sense for the growth of their business or profile, and we want to try and end that while showing you the right way to be seen online. We hope that it might be able to shed some light on setting your strategy on the right track, and saving you alot of cash in the process, so let’s dive in…


As a result of the huge amount of data that Facebook has collected on individuals, it is able to ‘rank order’ an audience depending on how they are likely to react with an advert. For example, you might want to rank order a particular audience from ‘most likely’ to watch a video, to ‘least likely’ to watch a video, so that if the content of an advert is a video, you can start by showing it to users who have the highest affinity of watching videos (makes sense right?).

The same can be said for people who have any particuar interests or buying behavoirs, so learning about the right types of campaigns to use, and how to use interest-targeting, is make or break for using your budget effectively. One common mistake we often see when people start marketing online, is using the wrong campaign objective, for the type of advert or content being showcased, rendering it extremely ineffective and simply wasting money. To give another example, this article will explain why it’s vital to get your strategy on-point, before even putting your first campaign live.

So how do we do it right?

A little bit of strategy and understanding of what your desired outcome is, goes a long way to building a path that will lead to the overall long term goal of your business. A clear strategy of what you are going to do with your traffic, is an absolute essential part of making sure your ad dollars aren’t going to go un-recouped. Most people take the attitude that they want to put their brand simply infront of as many people as possible, for the cheapest price. They often don’t realise that in doing this, their adverts are going to be optimised to the users that are reachable for the cheapest price. If they are trying to grow revenue in the united states, and they are boosting posts optimised for reach world-wide, they may well be using 99% of their budget on users in Morocco, Mexico, or India, where the auction price for impressions is very low. Meaning they’re seeing ‘great results’ when looking at the numbers, but they’d be better of just burning the money if the goal is grow the company in a particular location (this is one of the most common pitfalls we see with online marketers, and worse, with agencies who provide ‘great numbers’ to clients to little or no effect of developing the company – be warned!).

It’s also worth considering that cheap results are not always what you want. If you’re growing a company in a particular location, thats going to be factor on making ads more expensive (but more relevant!!), also if you’re going to be targeting a small, well-defined audience, this will also make your ads more expensive (but the targetting again makes them more conducive to growing your reveue streams). Learn why this happens here.

It’s also worth considering things like ‘Frequency’ i.e. how many times in a given period of time, will a user see your advert on average? This also plays into what your strategy is… In todays world, it’s not enough to put your brand infront of someone once, then sit back and watch the sales roll in. You need to consider a content funnel, a plan of what content you want to show who, how many times, and where will it lead them? To a sign-up page so you can send them valuable content? (Hint hint) Will you get their direct contact information another way? Will you send them to a website with a traffic campaign? Will you track them with pixels? There’s alot to think about if you’re going to do this the right way and make sure your money is well-spent. So please take your time to consider these points, draw out excatly what you want to do, and build the right campaigns, in the right places, before you start reaching into your pocket!

Taking the time to understand these basic things will make the difference between burning your marketing dollars, or using your money to grow an effective, successful profile or business.

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    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

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