The future of online marketing relies on understanding the optimisation in a digital era. TDS brings a human touch to the digital world of marketing.


At TDS we are a 360 degree full range media buying agency.Whether you need your message exposed to a particular audience through TikTok, the Google Ads display network or Meta, we specialise on building the most effective campaigns to get the best results for your budget.

Our work developing the digital infrastructure for companies doesn’t stop at media buying due to ever increasing importance of customer relationship management(CRM). Keeping your companies bespoke and direct data is the currency of modern world and will only increase in value in the future.

Whether it’s the infrastructure of your web domains, the verification of your ads management platforms or the execution of your CRM and email service provider strategy, TDS has years of experience and a full set of skills to help your business to thrive in the digital world.

With the future of web3 on our horizons, it’s never been more important to learn and understand a new and innovative technology. Please check out our blog (link to NFT post) if you want to learn more about Non-Fungible Tokens.

At TDS we deal with creation and marketing of NFT projects on day to day basis as well as digital real estate projects on the metaverse alongside with our amazing partners at District 3.

When it comes to our work with clients, there’s nothing more important than imparting as much knowledge and understanding as we can whilst learning as much as possible about who you are and the strategy and structure of your business.

Training is a two-way street – open communication and understanding is key to the efficient execution of campaigns.

We offer various forms of training such as video training courses and we are more than happy and excited to talk about training if your team are looking to learn skills needed to implement independent online marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re looking for campaign ad strategy, media buying strategy or CRM and domain implementation strategy, we ре here to simplify and optimise the process that will help you to achieve your goals.

Online consultancy sessions are easy to book, just email us to




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At TDS we tailor our digital marketing services to each of our clients, as we understand that everyone’s goals and online strategies can differ. We believe in being upfront and transparent and work alongside our clients, to find a budget that works for them.

Absolutely! At TDS we always encourage our clients to own their own data and we believe in giving our clients the ultimate control over their platforms. Essentially, we set up the platforms and help with any day-to-day maintenance of online ads, but you will always have the master keys.

We’re based just outside of London, UK.
However, we work with clients in the US and across the globe and adapt our hours of operation to fit around your schedule.

At TDS we operate as agents within your infrastructure. What it means is that we charge a monthly retainer fee which is entirely separate from your monthly budget.

The reason for that is because whatever your budget is, our focus should be on maximising the effectiveness of your budget as opposed to commissioning on the adspend and convinsing the customer to spendas money as possible.