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What happens next?

Welcome to the team, now that the onboarding form has been completed, we have begun the process of setting up your digital infrastructure and data systems. Your dedicated campaign manager will be in touch soon, and our web teams, ad specialists and campaign strategists have been emailed to prepare to commence work on your project.

Any urgent questions can be directed to or your dedicated campaign manager directly.

Content & control

Often new businesses and team members joining TDS are keen to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns as things get started. 

In our experience it’s never too soon to start considering content. Good ads and online strategy rely heavily on good quality content. While TDS does not produce content, we have spent years analysing and testing, so your campaign manager can explain some best practices for lead generation, workflow, brand awareness and e-commerce content. 

Our book ‘Transparent Digital Thinking’ also provides new clients an insight into how our operation works, and helps the understanding of these systems. More knowledge and control in the clients hands in our experience increases the efficiency and collaboration of the whole team.