Understanding the future of online marketing for business & public figures. By Mark Kovic

The secrets, pitfalls & the tools to succeed online

Decades of combined experience distilled into one concise book teaching everything you need to know about digital marketing for business’ and public figures.

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

✅ How to run effective online & social media adverts to grow your following and user base

✅ How to convert purchases on e-commerce stores & the process of optimising sales funnels

✅ Online marketing strategies that actually work, what different campaign types are used for and why

✅ Business evolving techniques for data including how customer relationship systems (CRM’s) work to build & develop sales

✅ Secrets & insights from decades of combined experience, and how to avoid killer mistakes 

✅ The tools and principle understanding of how online ad platforms work, how they will evolve in the future and what is on the horizon in terms of AI & Blockchain technology…