Imagine you were attempting to sell a book…

The steps might seem simple: design a striking front cover that appeals to your target audience and formulate a catchy title. But how do you know what your audience would be drawn to? What if you spend a fortune ordering pallets of books, only to find that it’s not as appealing as you thought and won’t sell? 

Don’t waste time trying to guess what your market wants. Instead, use the technology available to you to easily test multiple options. You can gain a more accurate view of what your audience wants and avoid the bias you have as a creator or business owner. Not only that, but you can then base your decisions on real-world data. When deciding on a title and cover for our book, we did exactly this. 

First we ran a copy split test on the different title options below, after which Transparent Digital Thinking was the clear winner.

  • Digital Marketing Tools: A New Era of Clarity
  • The Transparent World of Online Marketing: Navigating the Digital Landscape
  • Uncovering the Digital: Marketing in a Connected World
  • Digital Intelligence: Mastering the Digital Mindset
  • Transparent Digital Thinking
  • Big Digital Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Digital Thinking
  • Transparent Futures: Thriving in the Digital Age
  • The Online Revolution: Embracing Digital Transformation

Once we had chosen the title from the copy split test, we ran another advertising split test with the different cover images below.