Welcome to the TDS training portal

Explore the training programs below and be sure to give feedback to your campaign director as you develop your skills. In order for us to be effective as a company, we need to update and constantly evolve our training material. We rely entirely on the feedback and questions from new team members to guide us in delivering the best and most up-to-date training systems possible. 

If you are joining as a campaign manager, or you have just been promoted to a CM, please find time to read this book, which is a considered text on all aspects of modern online marketing and compresses much of my experience and knowledge in the field of marketing technology.

TDS Staff introduction

If you’re just joining the TDS team, or looking for a refresher on how we operate, this introduction talks about communication, Asana, One Password and advice for getting started and how to continue to succeed within our company.

Watch here 


This is a video course on how to make online ads, and how the general systems operate and function. It walks through optimisations and why they’re vital to a business success. The course is old, but the principles are timeless. Expect to see older interfaces, but what is important here, is all interfaces are wildly different and adapt often. This course may use ‘old Meta’ in the demo’s, but the principles apply to all other ads platforms. 

Campaign manager Onboarding

This is an introduction to the campaign manager role. I break down some key elements of how to approach the challenges that you’ll face especially if you’re just starting or needing a refresher in all things campaign management. 

Technician Onboarding

If you’re just joining the TDS team, or looking for a refresher on how we operate, this introduction works through the main value propositions of how a technician becomes the most imperative role behind building functioning campaigns. 

The Big 5 - (3/5) Ga4 & GADs Conversions

Conversions in Google Ads always feed from GA4. This video shows how that works, and how we approach conversions at TDS within Google ads. 

The big 5 - (4/5) Making a media buying plan

This is short video that walk through the process of making a media buying plan. These are vital to keep track of planned spending for clients when they launching and cultivating ongoing campaigns. They are also ideal for recording progress and historical results, and sometimes a media buying plan can be a game-changing element of your campaign.

Operational Initiative

This video walk through the difference between a good and an exceptional technician, and aims to develop the type of thinking needed for the role. Campaign managers and technicians should both watch this video and pay attention the methods of thinking, not just the problems we overcome in the video. 

What is an audit like?

TDS is sometimes hired to audit the work of another agency. This is always a tough position to be in because we never want to speak badly about other companies, while also being sure to execute best practices and educate clients on how to get the best out of their marketing budgets. How would your accounts fair against an audit like this?


We often need to test that our Conversions API or CAPI is working properly. To do this, we need to be able to access Google Tag Manager and know how to use a test code. This video explains how this is done in Meta. 

Google Ads Platform Secrets & Settings

The advanced internal methods that we use here at TDS when working within the google ads platform. Watch to learn our best secrets and settings.

CBO Funnel

A campaign budget optimised funnel is a key part of most online strategies. This video explores how they work, why the work, and how TDS creates them.